What is Online Counseling?

Online Counseling (also known as online therapy, or teletherapy) is for clients 18 years + and clients who are not in a major crisis, do not have a major mental health issue requiring face-to-face time, or who are suicidal or homicidal. I only do online counseling for clients living in Texas or English speakers living in a country without easy access to English speaking counseling.

Online Counseling provides a flexible way for clients to go about their day without having to come into a therapy office. I provide online video therapy or phone therapy so clients can conduct their session where ever is convenient for them.

Some valid reasons why online counseling is the answer for you:

  • Travel frequently for work both nationally or internationally

  • Have several ongoing obligations that make it challenging for you to leave your home or office consistently

  • Suffer from agoraphobia

  • Struggle with physical disabilities 

  • Live in a rural setting or a community where counseling services are unavailable

  • Need to reduce commute and travel time

  • Need flexibility for a place and time that best fits your schedule

  • Working or living abroad in another country who cannot find local, reputable counselors and therapists 

  • Ex-patriots (expats) who cannot find an English-speaking therapist



Serving anywhere in the state of Texas



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